What we do - The Ultimate Product

We create AI automation solutions for leading brands across all digital support channels. In other words, we help customer support teams build anything from automated email triage to customer self-service options and 24/7 chat support.

Our AI is industry-leading and we’re trusted by big-name brands, from Gorillas to GetYourGuide and Zalando to Zendesk.

For our customers, this means building deeper connections with their customers. Automating repetitive requests not only saves businesses time and money, but frees up their human agents to focus on more complex interactions.

Ultimate - Product


Our CTO, Simon runs our Engineering Organisation. He joined our team with years of experience after being a CTO at Clue & Travel Audience.

Our Chief Science Officer, Jaakko is one of the co-founders of Ultimate and has been the brains behind our AI since back then! He leads our AI Research Team.

Our VP of Product, Udi and his companion Bagel the Beagle, along with a talented team of Product experts, are the conduit between our Engineering and GTM teams and our customers.

Team Structure

Our teams in RnD are organised in a system of cross-functional teams, that was made famous by Spotify.

Our Engineers, Product Designers and Product Managers work in cross-functional teams (Squads) with a clear mission, owning one part of our product end to end. The Squads typically consist of 4-6 individual contributors (ICs) from different disciplines and are set up to be autonomous. With the guidance of their Squad Lead they own their processes for delivery and decide what to deliver to fulfil their mission.

Squads working on related business areas form a Tribe. Engineering Managers work with the Squads in their Tribe to help them deliver.

Engineers of the same specialisation from all Squads work together in a Chapter. They meet on a regular basis to define the technical direction and discuss implementation. The Chapter Lead is one of the experts from that Chapter and facilitates the decision making process and makes sure our architecture is build to last.

So while our Squads decide on what to do, the Chapter decides on the how.

Our AI Team, consisting of AI Researchers and Machine Learning Engineers, as well as our teams from the Platform Tribe, like Cloud Infrastructure, Developer Experience and and Quality Engineering work closely with the cross-functional product teams and enable them to build high performing products and test and deploy their applications.

How we work - Our Values

Honesty, transparency, and a no-ego approach to leadership have helped our team form an incredibly strong bond while building an industry-leading product.

Our values are our guiding principles, internally and externally. In order to walk the walk and not just talk the talk, we give it our best to make our values the true North Star in everything we do, including policy-making as well as operations routines (e.g. all of our career frameworks are based on the four values). We do hope that you will see yourself in the way we work!


We trust in our people fully and instantly. We value the trust we build with our customers.

Trust is a core value at Ultimate. We lead through context, not control, and value autonomy, flexibility and the ability for any individual to take ownership and act to create value for our customers and company. We trust each other to deliver on our promises to colleagues and customers alike. We trust ourselves to set the bar high, to make our own best decisions, and to take accountability for any behaviour that falls short of this.


We recognise and celebrate the impact of our team. We are driven by creating real value for our customers and community.

Impact is about driving innovation through the actions we take and the results we create. At ultimate.ai, we embrace proactivity and we reject passivity. We fuel each other’s confidence because, together, sky's the limit. We value results over hard work and always prioritise to tackle the projects and metrics that matter most.

Customer Success

We know our customers have unique journeys and define our success in terms of theirs. We build lasting customer relationships.

Customer success is embedded into Ultimate’s DNA. We seek out a deep understanding of our customers and value how that deepens our vision. Every team member contributes to our customer-first mindset through a deep understanding of our product, industry and vision.


We are proudly diverse and empower each other to be better. We commit to using our platform as a force for good.

Ethics is how we foster a diverse, inclusive and happy workplace. At Ultimate, our global team respects one another’s differences and works to cultivate a sense of belonging for all. We lean into our Nordic roots and practice a “no-ego”, transparent and open culture. We put our team’s needs before our own and are always ready to support each other. Just as we help each other and push each other, we also celebrate our wins together.

You can learn more about us in our Culture Book