Chapters in Product Engineering


We build the single page application that our clients use in order to create and manage bots and design conversation flows. We provide a no-code solutions for our customers to integrate their systems and build a widget for end customers to interact with the bots.

We iterate quickly and improve based on input from our developers and with the help of customer feedback.


We strive to take a modern and pragmatic approach to system design, aiming for loosely coupled solutions that scale. Our backend chapter believes in microservices and being able to scale up our system as freely as possible.

A large part of what we want to be able to do is to search through large volumes of data quickly.

Data Engineering

We are responsible for building end to end data pipelines which serve the data analytics systems. We process this data based on predefined business rules and input this data into our data warehousing system.

We also work closely with the AI Research team, providing them with the data they need to experiment with new AI models.