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Your Career Path at Ultimate.

Career progression has many forms and is a unique journey for everyone. However there are some common patterns in the career paths that help us define a career progression framework.

In the RnD department we have 3 career paths in Engineering and 2 career paths in Product Management and Product Design allowing you to focus on your strengths and growing in the direction that fits you.

Individual Contributor

As an Individual Contributor you focus on solving problems in your Squad or Tribe. This career path is often referred to as the maker path and the right choice for everyone who wants to be very hands-on.

Questions you should ask yourself to see if that path is right for you:
"Do I want to build bigger and better systems and processes?"
"Do I want to become a thought leader/specialist in my role?"

Technical Leadership

As a Chapter Lead you take responsibility for the technical direction of your chapter, ensure alignment and facilitate the decision making process. You are less hands-on on a day-to-day basis.

Questions you should ask yourself to see if that path is right for you:
"Do I want to focuses on the technical growth of my team members and the system?"
"Do I want to focus on alignment of the technical direction?"


On the Management path you act as a coach to your team(s), helping them to perform at their highest level and you are the people manager for the individual contributors in your team.

Questions you should ask yourself to see if that path is right for you:
"Do I want to manage bigger and better teams?"
"Do I want to focus on team organisation and helping people progress in the business?"

There are 7 Seniority Levels in total across the different Career Paths ranging from from Junior to C-Level. Clearly defined expectations for each level and a Skills & Competency Matrix for each ensures you always know what is expected of you and what you can expect of others.

Compensation and titles are tied to each level, meaning equal pay within one level no matter which career path you choose.

Continuous Feedback and Personal Growth

At Ultimate we follow the principle of continuous feedback to ensure a high level of transparency.

Next to that there is a more formal personal growth conversation with your manager every quarter. In those conversations you will talk about the feedback you have gotten, goals you want to achieve and create a personal development plan to help you achieve them.

Your manager will support and coach you where necessary to help you on your career path.

Peer Feedback

Feedback from your peers plays an important role in your growth at Ultimate. It helps you to understand how your work and behaviour is perceived by your colleagues, lets you detect areas for development and can uncover skill areas that you haven’t been aware of yet.