Product Teams

Product Management

We are responsible for getting closer to the customers and understanding their problems. We bridge the gap between our business values and customer values. We facilitate thought processes across departments to align on certain topics and new ideas and are able to give direction and enable them to sell what we ship.

On a day to day basis, we conduct data analysis, customer interviews and collaborate within the squads. We have an overarching vision, however, we all work to specific roadmaps within each squads and chapters. We collaborate with all teams: Sales, Customer Success, CRM, BI, Analytics and Engineering.

Product Design

We are ultimately responsible for the user experience that our clients interact with when using our product, whether it’s about to creating bots, managing their team or improving the chat experience. This responsibility is shared with the squad (the full-stack team focused on a specific area within our product) but as designers we represent the user and their needs.

We work in close collaboration with Product Managers and with design peers. During this work we leverage quantitative and qualitative data to identify and validate new ideas. Apart from being a key member of one of our squads, the designer is also working closely with their peers in the Design Team driving topics forward such as UX pattern improvements, processes, design critiques and much more.