AI Team

Our mission is to empower product teams to use cutting-edge AI to solve their most challenging problems. We make it simple for product teams to adopt and consume our AI services, so they can focus on what they do best: building great products.

AI Researchers

AI researchers work closely with Product managers to understand the problems and challenges of our product and then with Machine Learning Engineers to define the problem that the AI model is trying to solve.

AI researchers develop new algorithms and approaches, and Machine Learning Engineers engineers implement those algorithms in production.

Machine Learning Engineers

Machine Learning Engineers are responsible for building and maintaining the infrastructure and applications that power our artificial intelligence (AI) systems.

They follow best practices to build a stable and reliable AI/ML platform.

Applied AI Engineers

The need for an Applied AI engineer arises from the challenges and time-consuming nature of integrating AI solutions into products.

An applied AI engineer is well-versed in both AI research and ML engineering, and can therefore take over smaller AI projects and improvements, working on research and bringing the implementation to production and thereby reducing the time it takes to bring AI solutions to production.