Platform Tribe

Our Platform Engineering Tribe consists of three squads: Quality Engineering, Developer Experience & Cloud Infrastructure.
Though each squad has its own responsibilities, we have the collective goal to provide efficient ways for our product teams to function to the best of their ability by correctly utilising the tools at their disposal. This helps them to push features more effectively so they’re not blocked by any platform related issues.

Quality Engineering

From software design, through to pushing code in Github, we maintain standards and checklists which our developers need to follow to make sure the work being produced is of a high calibre. Thus making sure that the quality of product we deliver to our clients is maintained at a high level.

Developer Experience

We believe that developers should be able to work efficiently and find the tools they need without hindrance. As a squad, we exist to understand the frustrations developers encounter and help them make their work life & collaboration easier and more efficient by providing solutions that reduce cognitive load.

Cloud Infrastructure

We are responsible for maintaining and scaling out infrastructure. We take care of the core services which enable us to run our services and make sure that if applications are deployed, nothing goes wrong.